BC Chamber of Commerce Approves Framework Policy

On May 27, 2017, another milestone was reached in the support for a made in BC social policy framework. At the annual BC Chamber of Commerce Conference and AGM, the following motion was put forward: “That the provincial government implement a framework to deal with social issues similar to that of the BC Jobs Plan to recognize and achieve efficiencies across ministries and stakeholders.” The motion was adopted by the delegates, receiving 66% support.

Board Voice has been working towards a social and wellbeing framework for four years. In that time, there have been key moments that have propelled the framework idea forward. The first, was the creation of a document called There is a Better Way, calling for the development of a social policy framework, which was put together by a group of Board Voice members and EDs and garnered agency support from across the province. The second was the unanimous endorsement of a motion calling for a social policy framework made to the Union of BC Municipalities in 2014. The endorsement of the Chamber represents a new and important milestone.

The Surrey Board of Trade recognized the value of a framework that addresses social issues as a win for business and have been working to increase understanding and building support in the business community. They acknowledge that social issues, like homelessness, can impact businesses negatively. Similarly, when workers cannot find adequate and affordable childcare, it makes it difficult for employees to participate in the labour market. A successful framework for wellbeing must have broad-based support, including the business community and it is gratifying to see this new development. Board Voice commends the work and perseverance of the Surrey Board of Trade in moving this resolution forward.