Board Voice was incorporated as a new non-profit organization in British Columbia in 2010.

Discussions regarding the role of volunteer boards of directors at the provincial level started in July 2008, when the Federation of Community Social Services (FCSSBC) called a meeting with several agency executive directors and board members to consider the creation of a non-profit at the governance level, and its relationship to the governance of other key sectors.

An exploratory meeting of board members from around the province was held in October 2008,  out of which came a decision to move forward with a small leadership group of board members supported by several agency executive directors, with the Federation providing secretariat services.

Seven different agencies donated funding to assist in getting this venture off the ground. Co-chairs were Anthony Ostler, from the board of the Family Services of Greater Vancouver, and the late Dr. Carol Matusicky, from the Burnaby Family Life board. Doug Hayman assumed the role of executive coordinator, via FCSSBC.

This group worked hard to develop the ideas and structure that would eventually lead to the founding conference on Nov. 7, 2009, at which point the new board was elected, headed by Anthony Ostler.