A voice for community

Board Voice represents the voices of volunteer community boards throughout BC whose organizations are dedicated to supporting and strengthening social health in their communities. Together we speak out, share experiences and build on each other’s strengths to make our communities better places to live, learn, work, and play.

The members of Board Voice  play an essential role in providing the diverse and vital services integral to healthy communities. They champion the value of collaborative, high-quality, community-based social services to governments, communities and the social services sector. They are community leaders with rich work and personal backgrounds that they bring to the common cause of building a vibrant province where every British Columbian feels like they belong.

Our role at Board Voice is to bring those community voices together. We aim to inform the public and government on community social health, and support the volunteer leaders who are our members to share successes, challenges and strategies. We share a common belief in the importance of healthy, happy communities, where all British Columbians have the chance to reach their full potential.

An ongoing initiative is our campaign for a provincial social policy framework. We envisage a strategy that brings together all stakeholders to incorporate and support the thousands of social health programs in our communities operated by non-profit organizations, and to establish goals, priorities and services vital to community well-being.

The 2017 report that came out of extensive community consultations related to this initiative is available, There is a Better Way: A BC Framework for Well-Being. A PDF version is linked below.More information on the history of the project is available here.  This December 2017 opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun by former Board Voice chair Doug Hayman speaks to the tremendous community response and interest in the initiative.

There is a Better Way- A BC Framework for Wellbeing Report Final