A clear and effective voice for volunteer community-based boards supporting high-quality social services and strong, vibrant communities.

Mission Statement

The members of Board Voice create healthy communities and champion the value of collaborative, high quality, community-based social services to governments, communities and the social services sector.

We advocate: Board Voice is an organization of volunteer leaders, speaking out together to make our communities better places to live, learn, work, and play.

We connect: Board Voice links social services boards together to learn, share and build community.

We champion good governance: Board Voice promotes effective volunteer governance and community accountability.



Respectful – We show respect for those with whom we work by demonstrating courtesy, honesty, integrity and fairness. 

Collaborative – We envision an integrated system of community-based services that is driven by the needs of the people who utilize our services. We are committed to collaborative engagement with our board members across agencies and within communities to create a service delivery system that is integrated and makes the best use of available resources.

Transparent – We engage our agency board members and other stakeholders in an open process, with transparent purpose, goals, expectations and accountabilities, expectations and constraints.

Responsive – We respect, and respond to, advice received from our fellow board members and other stakeholders. Wherever appropriate, we modify our plans and actions to reflect their advice.

Timely and Appropriate – We engage our fellow board members and other stakeholders early and often in the planning process, allowing sufficient time for meaningful dialogue, consultation and plan modifications. We utilize levels and methods of engagement that are appropriate to the purpose of engagement.

Inclusive and Balanced – We engage our fellow board members and other stakeholders who have a stake in, or will be represented by, our actions. We respect the diversity represented by the people working in our agencies and the people who receive our services. We balance the participation and influence of stakeholder groups.

Accessible – We provide clear, accessible and comprehensive information in order to facilitate involvement of our fellow board members and other stakeholders to assist us with addressing issues and making decisions.

Accountable – We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement with our fellow board members and other stakeholders and are accountable for our actions and for the appropriate utilization of resources.

Innovative – We seek innovative ways to improve our communications and plans. We are committed to continuous learning.