We need your help

imagesBoard members and CEOs—time to tell the government we have no more fat to trim.

 The Federation of Community Social Services of BC is doing a survey of agencies to provide information they can use in advocating on your behalf. See the letter below and encourage your ED/CEO to fill out the survey.


Dear Members,

You are all aware that the government continues to look for “efficiencies” in the social services sector. Decisions about wage increases, questions about union versus non-union costs, and various funded initiatives all seem to be based upon the assumption that there are hidden, unused funds somewhere in community agencies.

The government has budget constraints of its own but I believe that these assumptions are due to a fundamental lack of understanding about the financial reality of our sector.

I also believe that it’s time for us to set the record straight – not only about the growing needs of the people and communities that we serve, but also about the financial health of BC’s social service sector.

To that end, The Federation has commissioned an independent study by the University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration. The research team is led by Dr. Thea Vakil, an esteemed academic, public servant, and former Deputy of Treasury Board Staff. Also on the team are Dr. Jim McDavid and Dr. Michael Prince, researchers with the highest credentials.

We know that you struggle with fixed funding, increasing costs, and the growing complexity of delivering services. You have asked us to advocate on your behalf and we will continue to do so. But to better help you, we need you to help us.

Completing this survey will give us the tools we need to set the record straight about “agency inefficiency.” It will allow us to better advocate for the levels of funding required by your programs and the people that you serve in communities across the province.

We have asked the researchers to make this survey as easy and straightforward as possible. We are aware of how busy and stressful your jobs can be. But if The Federation does not get enough submissions, the results will not be statistically significant and no one will benefit. This is not something for someone else to do. This is something that every single one of you need to do.

Please note that the individual survey responses will not come to the Federation. The UVic team will use this data provided to create a final report for The Federation. Your privacy will be protected at each stage.

Here is the link to the online questionnaire. It will close at Midnight on December 18, 2015. Please make time to complete the questionnaire before then. Attached is a Survey Guide and a Clarifications for Questionnaire document provided by the research team. If you have any questions about the questionnaire or this initiative don’t hesitate to contact me.



Rick FitzZalandExecutive Director

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC

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