Carol James Thanks Board Voice for Advocating Against ‘Section 99’

CaorlJames“I am writing to thank you for your work advocating against section 99 in Bill 24’s proposed changes to the Societies Act. This section would have allowed any member of the public or a corporation to bring legal action against a society on the basis that it is acting against an undefined public interest. By working together and engaging citizens on the issue, we were able to get this section removed and ensure a Bill was put forward that better represents the needs of not-for-profits and our communities.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Bill 24’s proposed changes to the Societies Act and to recognize the strengths of not-for-profits in BC. In every area that you could imagine, there is a not-for-profit or a society benefiting our communities and improving the quality of life of citizens. You can see the video of my response to Bill 24 here:  (Note: Carol begins to speak of Section 99 at minute 5:50)

Thank you for all the work Board Voice and your members do for our province.
Warm regards,
Carole James
Member of the Legislative Assembly for Victoria-Beacon Hill”