Surrey Board of Trade Calls for Social Policy Framework


May 8, 2014

Surrey Board of Trade Calls for Social Policy Framework

The Surrey Board of Trade voted in April to adopt a resolution calling on the provincial CollectiveImpactgovernment to begin a consultation to design a Social Policy Framework for British Columbia and will join Board Voice in presenting this idea to the City of Surrey on May 14. The City of Duncan is expected to present this resolution to the Union of BC Municipalities in the fall.

A Social Policy Framework, such as the one recently passed in Alberta, states the social goals that government and communities and social services agencies are striving for. It can guide decision making, set future direction, identify important connections, and support the alignment of policies and practices both inside and outside of government. A SPF helps government   address the increasingly complex issues facing BC communities more effectively and efficiently.

“The Surrey Board of Trade exists to support and attract business. It is integral that social services, health Surrey care, justice and education services be aligned with and incorporated within a city’s economic development strategy, not as separate entities,” says Anita Huberman, CEO of the Board of Trade.

Board Voice Society of B.C. has been advocating for a SPF in BC since early 2013 and is speaking to organizations and municipalities across the province about the idea.

Michael Davis, Chair of Board Voice, says communities bear the brunt of social issues and many of the associated costs. “We are very pleased that the Surrey Board of Trade has taken up the call for a Social Policy Framework. The business community is beginning to recognize how a Social Policy Framework will help of us to better address the challenges we all face.”


Board Voice is an organization of volunteer boards of community based social service agencies from across British Columbia. It is dedicated to creating a clear and effective voice for volunteer community-based boards that support high-quality social services and strong vibrant communities.


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