Board Voice membership is open to any non-profit organization in BC that directly provides services within that very broad and diverse category known as “community social services.”

If you are an individual or an organization that does not directly provide such services but wants to support the work of Board Voice, we welcome you to join as an Associate. You will receive Board Voice e-blasts and newsletters, and a discounted price at our annual conferences. Associates are not eligible to vote or run for election to our boards.

Click here for our application for a full membership

Click here for the Associate application

Fee scale

Annual membership fees for a full membership are based on an agency’s operating revenues, as follows. We have tried to keep fees for smaller organizations low, and count on our larger members to pay a higher rate to ensure that Board Voice can continue to do our work across the spectrum of community social service organizations.

Rates for full membership:

Up to $400,000/yr $100

$400,000 – 749,999 $150

$750,000 – 999,999 $200

$1 Million – 1,999,999 $350

$2 Million – 2,999,999 $500

$3 Million – 4,999,999 $1,000

$5 Million – 9,999,999 $1,500

Over $10 Million $2,000

Rates for Associate members:

Individuals: $50

Organizations under $400,000 $100

$400,000 and up $200

Mail cheques c/o Board Voice Society of BC to Box 46009 Quadra, Victoria, BC, V8T 4E3, or send an email to and we’ll get you the form to pay by Electronic Fund Transfer.