Guy’s story starts in Germany with the Canadian military, after the birth of his first daughter. She was born with cerebral damage and at one month of age, suffered a stroke that caused her to be mentally challenged. Once Guy and his spouse returned to Canada, they knew that it would be a challenge to care for their daughter. They were posted to Chilliwack, where minimum support was available.

Guy joined a parent association for parents with children who have disabilities. He soon saw that it was very clear that they needed a voice to express how little support there was for families. That work was “terribly slow,” and Guy dedicated himself to solving this.

In 2010, Guy joined the board of Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services in Nakusp, where the family had relocated. He was drawn to the ASLCS program providing work for adults with special needs. That program continues to this day, though has changed its name to Community Works.

Guy went on to hold many positions with ASLCS, where he is now Board Chair. He is also Board Chair for Halcyon House for Assisted Living, and supports the Pandora House in Nakusp, where many adults with special needs meet weekly for support.

Guy’s professional background is in management with large corporations, work that he did for more than 30 years.