memberMembership has it’s privileges!

Board Voice is the only pan-provincial governance level community social services organization in BC. We are leading discussions in the community social services sector and collaborating with our members and other organizations to provide innovative approaches to challenges. We are an effective advocate for our members with government and the media.

There are two categories of affiliation with Board Voice:

Members: For boards of legally constituted not-for-profit organizations
actively involved in direct provision of social services in British Columbia.

Friends of: If your organization does not deliver direct social service but you want to support our work you can become a ‘Friend of Board Voice’ (non-voting).

Join us!  Board Voice has an impressive membership of over 60 agencies from around the province. View a list of member organizations here.

Board Voice focuses it’s work in three main areas:

I) Advocacy

As a collective of board-level volunteers, Board Voice can approach government without fear of agency reprisals and without the perception they are trying to build their agency. There is safety in numbers when tackling difficult issues. With media, Board Voice provide a go-to resource for media outlets looking for Subject Matter Experts to comment on stories of the day. We have been successful in approaches to editorial boards, to gain more balanced representations of the work the community social services sector does, and the need for more attention from government.

II) Inter-Board Connectivity

Creating opportunities to connect with other board members in similar services or geographic areas strengthens all the organizations involved. New solutions to capacity issues, new opportunities to provide service to the community and new ways to approach contracts are all possible. Our annual conference provides an excellent opportunity for connecting, learning and sharing about the critical issues facing the social service sector and gives ‘voice’ to your concerns.

III) Education and Skill Sharing

Effective governance can be challenging. It is often a new experience for volunteers or even professional from the sector. Board Voice allows organizations to share both internal and external experts on governance issues and  best practices. We arrange workshops and bring in recognized experts to offer education and facilitate skills sharing.

Membership Fees:  Board  Voice  Annual  Membership  Fees  are  based  on  Agency  Revenues  as  follows:

  • Less than      $400,000      –   $100
  • $400,000 to  $749,999     –    $150
  • $750,000 to  $999.999     –    $200
  • $1 Million to $1,999,999  –    $350
  • $2 Million to $2,999,999  –    $500
  • $3 Million to $4,999,999  –    $1,000
  • $5 Million to $9,999,999  –    $1,500
  • Over $10 Million               –    $2,000

Join Board Voice by filling out and saving theBoard Voice Members 2017-18 Application. You can then email your application to (invoice will follow) or mail to Board Voice:

Options Community Services
Carole Wahl Building (Administrative Office)
9815 – 140 St. Surrey, BC V3T 4M4
ATTN: Luba Nenakhova

Friends of Board Voice:

  • Individuals: minimum – $50
  • Organizations: minimum – $200

Become a ‘Friend of Board Voice’ by filling out the Board Voice Friends 2017-18 application form. You can then email your application to (invoice will follow) or mail to Board Voice:


Board Voice
Attn: Christine Thomas
22557 136 Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2P7