Christine Thomas is the Executive Coordinator of the Board Voice Society of BC.


As a native Calgarian (a very rare thing), Christine grew up spending lots of time in the Rocky Mountains in both winter and summer. Christine completed her BA in History at the University of Calgary. She then went on to complete an MA in History at Queen’s University. A student of history and politics, Christine grew up arguing politics at the dinner table and has maintained this passion over the years.

Christine has worked in all sectors: public, private and non-profit. She has held various roles from board member to executive director for the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture  (VAST) in Vancouver. As an employee with the provincial government of BC, Christine worked directly with clients on income assistance as well as higher level projects looking at electronic solutions for gathering information.

Christine brings passion for the non-profit sector along with experience from both sides of the non-profit sector. As a past chair of the board of directors for WAVAW, Christine was instrumental in helping that organization move from a collective to a hierarchical model. Christine also served on other boards of directors including the Lakewood Terrace Housing Coop as board president.

Christine loves music, is an avid crocheter and is passionate about dogs. Christine and her partner have been involved in dog rescue in BC for 15 years. At any given time, she shares her home with many dogs including palliative seniors. Don’t be surprised if she tries to get you to foster or adopt a dog!