Alyson  Hagen Johnson has been president of North Island Community Services Society in Port McNeill, which 007operates a volunteer transportation system and the public transit system, for more than 11 years. She is active in other community organizations, including the Mount Waddington Health Network, a grassroots with at least 200 participants that works on the social determinants of health and a bakery/restaurant co-operative on Malcolm Island.  She is a coordinator for adult literacy tutors, and she works directly with Mount Waddington Elders on several projects including development of a services guide for elders and elder abuse.  Alyson says the North Island experiences all the hardships that come with living in a rural and remote area, however, these same problems help them meet their needs through cooperation, compromise, and creative and unusual means to achieve results. Alyson has been the Secretary of the board for the past two years.