I have a long career in leadership in both the public and private sectors, with a record of formulating strategic directions, developing key policy initiatives, and building stakeholder consensus for innovation.

I live in Surrey and am on the board of the BC Association of Community Response Networks. I have a lifelong commitment to social justice issues, including approximately 15 years of experience with Human Rights Commissions at the provincial and federal levels. My personal life and my career are guided by a core belief that the foundation of our social bond is predicated on our commitment to address the needs and aspirations of marginalized individuals and communities.

In this context, I have had the privilege of playing a leadership role at the national level on access to justice initiatives with the Department of Justice and elsewhere, in matters related to workplace health and safety. I am the Founder and Principle Consultant of Ajit Mehat & Associates and, prior to this, held diverse leadership roles with the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development, the Workers Compensation Board of BC, the Department of Health, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Department of Secretary of State.

I joined the Board Voice Board of Directors because a vibrant Canada rests on three key pillars: a strong and energetic social services sector; an innovative and dynamic private sector; and, an impartial and trusted public sector. Board Voice is a crucial institution advocating on behalf of social services boards and helping them to understand the changing environment in which they deliver valued services.

Working in collaboration with others on the board, I welcome an opportunity to make a contribution to that endeavour.