‘I got a brain injury & a life sentence’: The hidden legacy of male violence against women

Board Voice continues to advocate here in BC on the little-known issue of intimate partner violence and brain injury, a life-changing tragedy that affects as many as 90 per cent of women who have experienced intimate partner violence. It’s so hopeful to see the world waking up to this worrying issue, as evidenced by this Guardian news story highlighting a new study into IPV-BI out of Glasgow University.

The study will be focused on women who are participating in Prevent Dementia, a UK-wide longitudinal study looking at risk factors for dementia in midlife.

“At Glasgow, we have the largest archive of brain tissue for research globally, 25 per cent to 30 per cent female,” Glasgow University neuropathologist William Stewart says in the article. “Undoubtedly, we must have many cases of unrecognised IPV-related brain injury in our archive, but the stories remain hidden.”