Strengthening the board-CEO partnership

The most important relationship in a non-profit organization is the one between its board and the ED/CEO. It’s a relationship that tests a board’s understanding of its governance role and fiduciary duties, and is foundational to the success of the ED and the organization.

This article from the Non-Profit Risk Management Centre shares some excellent tips for checking in on that relationship and making sure you’re working together while at the same time, not getting in each other’s ways.

“When members of a rock band experience “artistic differences” back stage, the audience may not be aware of the personality clashes taking place behind the velvet curtain. The same is true in a nonprofit,” the article notes. “When boards and CEOs squabble, some leadership teams are skillful at keeping the disagreement far from the view of major donors, members, participants, and other important stakeholders. And when board-CEO relationships reach a breaking point, many stakeholders will be caught by surprise.”

Don’t let your non-profit be one of them. Follow the four action tips in the article to build a bond that harnesses your collective energies and keeps your non-profit operating effectively and true to its mission.