A little love for Community Social Services Month

Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, and Mitzi Dean, Minister of Children and Family Development, have issued the following statement in recognition of Community Social Services Awareness Month, March 1-31:

“This year, during Community Social Services Awareness Month, please take the time to recognize more than 42,000 individuals who work in B.C.’s community social services sector and the positive impact their work has on the lives of so many people in our communities.

“Community social services agencies help and support people with physical and developmental disabilities, families of children with support needs, new Canadians and refugees, Indigenous people, individuals dealing with mental health and/or substance use issues, and many others.

“Over the past two years, in spite of the challenges of COVID-19, community social services agencies have provided a lifeline for vulnerable people experiencing additional barriers, and have adapted to deliver vital services in ways that continue to meet safety protocols.

“Throughout it all, community social services workers are there to provide important services and ensure that vulnerable people in our communities are well supported. They are the people that British Columbians can turn to for support.

“Most of us know an individual or family who has turned to the sector for help. Whether it’s a newcomer looking for language skills training or work experience before starting a job search, a woman looking for shelter and support to exit an abusive relationship, a youth in need of safe counselling services or a senior looking for help to access a local food bank, community social services workers are there to provide help and support.

“As we build back a stronger British Columbia, one that is inclusive and resilient and promises a better future for all British Columbians, it’s good to know that community social services agencies will continue to be there to play an important role.

“We thank them for all they do to make a difference in the lives of British Columbians.”

Learn More:

To see the proclamation of Community Social Services Awareness Month, visit: https://www.bclaws.gov.bc.ca/civix/document/id/proclamations/proclamations/Comm