On the upside: Board Voice members share stories of pandemic innovation

There’s an upside to everything, even a global pandemic. After Board Voice started hearing of some of the amazing innovation coming out of our sector as we adapted to the tremendous impact of the pandemic, we set out to capture that upside.

The result is this fascinating and inspiring collection of thoughts from nine of our member organizations, who found the time to respond to our request while juggling all the other pressures, strains and weirdness of this covid era.

Wonderful to see how our flexible, caring sector jumped right on in to adapt services on the fly so that clients didn’t lose access to their vital social care supports. As one executive director put it, “While it felt like we were building the ship while we were sailing it, we were calm, followed the science as it emerged and communicated frequently and quickly.”

We asked select member organizations to answer these five questions:

  1. What made you most proud of how your organization, staff and board adapted to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  2. What kind of innovations did you see happening as your organization worked to manage the impact of Covid-19 on staff and clients?
  3.  What surprised you the most about how the coronavirus impacted your organization and its clients?
  4. If it were up to you to prepare the non-profit social services sector for another pandemic, what are the “lessons learned” that you’d give the most attention to?
  5. Are there service changes and staff processes/policies that your organization brought in during the pandemic that you’re thinking of keeping because they turned out to be a better way of doing things?

Read all about it below, or at this link. We encourage you to share this report within your circles of influence and with federal, provincial and municipal politicians. Much thanks to Board Voice board member Gerry Olund for spearheading the collection of these important stories.