Our sector was heard!

The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Governance Services has released its recommendations for Budget 2020, and it’s heartening to see that the committee members were clearly listening to submissions from Board Voice and our many members and allies in the sector who presented at public hearings in June.

We remember committee reports from days gone by when you had to hunt and peck just to find any mention of social services, so it’s wonderful to see this important work with its own section now! There are 13 recommendations in the Social Services section, but a number of relevant ones in the Health Care, Housing and Public Safety sections as well.

Board Voice is particularly pleased by these two recommendations, which speak to the fundamental challenges that impact our sector every day.

84. Fund adequate training, professional development, compensation, equipment and other incentives to recruit and retain workers in the social services sector.

85. Partner and engage in integrated planning with the community social services sector across relevant ministries, including providing dependable, multi-year funding to enable effective planning and execution, with a focus on measuring and monitoring outcomes.

Read the full report here.