Charity Village article on procurement – featuring us!

This Charity Village article carries on a conversation that Board Voice has been working very hard to start and keep going, on the risk of governments inadvertently letting social care slip into the hands of multinationals instead of the community non-profits that invented this work.

Board Voice is pleased to be featured so prominently in the article, which came about because Executive Director Jody Paterson was in conversation with Charity Village staff about something completely different and happened to bring this subject up as one to watch. Just shows that you never know when a message is going to stick!

Ensuring that non-profits continue to be the gold standard for the delivery of social care will be an ongoing theme for Jody and Board Voice as we bring our concerns to the Social Services Roundtable announced by Social Development Minister Shane Simpson. The roundtable has had one meeting so far and a second is in the works. We will keep you posted on news and developments emerging from that process, where Board Voice is one of six BC organizations at the table.