Board Voice is in the House!

Many thanks to MLA Linda Reid for her statement in the BC Legislature on Oct. 23 about Board Voice and executive director Jody Paterson. In September we had sent around packages on our There is a Better Way social policy initiative to all 84 MLAs, and upon receiving her package, Linda contacted Jody and said she’d like to make a statement in the House in support of the work of Board Voice. Thank you, Linda! She will be a dinner guest Nov. 16 at our conference in Richmond and will be making some post-dinner remarks.

Here is the transcript from the official records of the Legislature:


L. Reid: I rise today to recognize the great work of a much-loved British Columbian, Jody Paterson. Board Voice Society of B.C. is a B.C. non-profit representing the volunteer board members and executive leaders of more than 60 community non-profits, whose services address the social determinants of health. Their vision to be a clear and effective voice for community social services sees them engage on a number of fronts.

A major initiative in recent years has been to advocate for the need for a provincial social policy planning framework for British Columbia. With the support of the Vancouver Foundation, Board Voice completed a three-year project on this issue in 2017, after consultations with more than 1,500 people in 15 British Columbia communities.

A social planning policy framework would be similar to those already in routine use for planning and sustaining the economic efforts, health care and quality education in British Columbia. It would place social health and better social outcomes on the same level of importance as quality schools, great health care and a vibrant economy. Other provinces and individual municipal governments have already developed frameworks and plans for better social health.

B.C. has thousands of passionate and knowledgeable people working in community non-profits that are eager to help our residents, communities and our province to achieve more. Count on Board Voice to be an active and enthusiastic participant in this effort, and please contact me if you have questions or ideas you would like to explore. More details about Board Voice and their work are available at their website,

Accolades to Jody Paterson for leading the change as executive director, and greetings to Terry Anne Boyles, the co-chair, who I recently had the pleasure of meeting.