Opinion: Foundry is model for social policy planning

An opinion piece by Board Voice co-chair Leslie Welin and community lead Terry Moist appeared in the Vancouver Sun on Aug. 11. The piece highlighted how the province-wide Foundry initiative presents a model and an opportunity to create a social policy strategy for all of BC.

An excerpt:

Social needs tend to pile on top of each other and tangle together. Planning, coordinating and sustaining supports is critical to success.

Co-ordinated initiatives like Foundry are appearing in B.C. more often, a beacon of hope to those of who have called for this kind of planning and service model for many years. Now is the time to build on the momentum.

What we’re broadly talking about are the social determinants of health — housing, help when your family needs it, decent work, reliable child care, a healthy environment to live in. It’s what defines Board Voice. Our members are community leaders who govern charitable organizations all around B.C. that provide those kinds of services and supports.

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