Board Voice appoints Jody Paterson as Executive Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the Society’s new Executive Director, Jody Paterson, effective May 1, 2018.

Jody is a communications specialist, journalist, former not-for-profit executive director and community advocate. She values listening to community and partner voices to help organizations and communities create successful strategies and projects.

We look forward to benefiting from Jody’s experience, skills and expertise working with non-profits in Canada and Central America. Her ability to assess what is needed and to work to broaden understanding and inform action across diverse audiences is just what the Society needs at this critical juncture in our growth.

“I’ve been following Board Voice since its inception, and am really looking forward to the chance to work with community social benefit boards in tackling the issues they share and amplifying the voice of this vital sector” said Paterson.

Jody succeeds Christine Thomas, who since 2015 has played a vital role in the development of Board Voice. Christine will be exploring future endeavors and will continue in the capacity of “knowledge philanthropist” for the Society.

Terry Anne Boyles, Co-Chair

Leslie Welin, Co-Chair