Board Voice 8th Annual Conference and AGM

We have been working hard to bring you one of our best conferences. Over the next bit, we will be posting descriptions of the workshops and some of the keynote presenters. We hope you will save the date: November 17 and 18 at the Coast Plaza Hotel, 1763 Comox St, Vancouver, BC.  We will be releasing the There is a Better Way: A BC Framework for Wellbeing report at the conference. Here is the first workshop description:

Essentials: Making the Board – Executive Director Relationship Work
Long time CEO of the United Community Services Co-op and now Chair of OPTIONS Surrey, Tim Beachy and the Executive Director of OPTIONS Surrey, Christine Mohr will explore with each other and the attendees, the critical relationship between the Board Chair, the board and the Executive Director/CEO of a nonprofit, charitable organization.
While touching on some of the more obvious considerations such as the fiduciary responsibilities of the board and some of the more traditional roles, the two will explore the more intangible aspects of this relationship that lead to effective, high achieving organizations.  Participants will be engaged in discussing these ideas as it affects their organizations.
Registration will be live at the beginning of September.