Plan-Y in Pemberton

Part of a robust social policy framework is ensuring that citizens have access to the services they need, delivered in a relevant manner. Service delivery looks very different depending upon who you are and where you live in our vast province. Youth, in particular, will learn about and access services in a different way.

Plan-Y is a new website/app that connects youth living in the Pemberton, Lil’wat and Lower Lakes, Area C , N’Quatqua area with many different services they may need. Developers of this project hope that if there is a youth in crisis they will be able to find the services they need on the website/app. “The website is designed specifically with youth and their habits in mind: the visually-appealing, user-friendly web page is meant to be used on cell phones, iPods and tablets, and includes features like direct links to mental health crisis hotlines and a “quick hide” button that brings users to an Instagram page.”

So far, the website has been very successful and easy to use. Accessible social services, presented in an engaging manner will help to ensure that citizens will be able to get the help they need when they need it.

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