There is a Better Way: A BC Framework for Wellbeing Online Survey

There’s no shortage of news on what’s going wrong — give any of us five minutes and we could come up with a dozen examples of things that are going wrong. But maybe what we really need to talk about is what’s going right, and how we can build on that to make B.C. the best it can be for everyone who lives here. What are we doing already to improve the well-being of everyone who lives in our province, and how might we do it even better?

That question is at the heart of a social policy framework, and at the heart of community consultations that Board Voice is launching with people like you. The things that give all of us a feeling of well-being are strikingly the same across all income levels, personal circumstance, age, religion, race. Decent work for a fair wage. A happy home. Good health. A safe and clean community. A sense of belonging. But how do we get there?

Board Voice has put together a public survey around how BC can develop a provincial social policy framework, following in the footsteps of both the Alberta and Nova Scotia governments. We hope you’ll participate. Social policy starts with people like you helping us define what really matters in our lives and communities.

A social policy framework for BC would essentially incorporate what we define as the most important aspects of our communities when it comes to well-being over the long term, and develop a concrete plan for making them happen. At a provincial level, that requires working across sectors, ministries, ideologies and levels of government to come up with a unified vision for what we mean when we talk about well-being, and a unified plan for achieving it.

Board Voice is a big fan of such a framework for BC. (Read more about our work on this here). Your participation in this short survey will help us take this work to the next level. Click here to participate:–Online-Survey