Life in BC Snapshot

The Federation of Social Services of BC (FCSSBC) has recently expanded its series: Life in BC Snapshot: 2017. Begun in 2015, this project looked at several critical aspects of social care in BC and found that outcomes for people did not measure up in “day-to-day life that has been overlooked by a government focused on economic prosperity,” says FCSSBC Executive Director Rick FitzZaland in an email to members announcing the new information.

Board Voice has been championing the idea of a social policy framework (SPF) for BC for several years. An SPF would create a plan that is evidence-based and outcome orientated based on our shared values as British Columbians. It will allow politicians, the civil service and community benefit organizations to come together in collaboration and create a plan that will work for the province. As many of you know, we are currently working with The Federation on a consultation to that will result in some key pieces of an SPF for the province of BC. Once our report is finished, we will be sharing it with the province.

FCSSBC’s ‘snapshots’ are comprised of 2-page documents focussed on a key issue. The issues covered are Children and Youth; Community Inclusion; Employment and Wages; Gender-Based Violence; Housing and Homelessness; Mental Health and Substance Use; Poverty and Inequality; and Seniors. Please take a moment and have a look at these documents – they are useful in framing a discussion around difficult topics. Perhaps, put this time on your next board meeting agenda and share the information with everyone.

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