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Here is a list for you to reflect upon:bettertogether

  • A collective and unified voice for local governors
  • Strength in numbers
  • Frustrations of too few resources and too little authority
  • Increasing obligations

Sound familiar? Not only are these the challenges board directors of community benefit organizations face in British Columbia, but they are also the reasons local governments came together to form the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).

This is the time of year when mayors, councillors and directors of local governments in BC come together. Provincial politicians attend their conference and listen very carefully to the resolutions that come out of that gathering.  The advocacy of UBCM has made a difference for communities. The title of the 2016 conference is “Stronger Together”.

Board Voice’s provincial initiative, “There is a Better Way: A Framework for Wellbeing”, speaks to the need for bringing voice to the concerns of the people we serve and of our organizations. How might this initiative result in the kind of influence the UBCM has on policy in BC? How might this initiative improve the lives of the citizens of BC? How might this initiative help your organization increase its ability to deliver on its mission?

A framework for wellbeing is a bold vision. It is a vision for a province in which every citizen is able to have a good quality of life and can contribute to his or her communities to the best of their abilities. What are the possibilities of such a vision for the people you serve, for your organization, for your community and for British Columbia?
Board Voice Society of BC is a provincial network of board directors of community benefit organizations. As is the case for any network, it is only as strong as its membership. How might adding your voice to Board Voice answer some of these questions?

There is a better way.

Leslie Welin


Board Voice Society of BC