Board Voice Calls for Coordinated Action to Address Number of Aboriginal Children in Child Welfare System

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Vancouver, BC – Board Voice Society of BC (Board Voice) is renewing its call to the Premier and other elected officials to develop a social policy framework to take coordinated action to improve the lives of Aboriginal children and families. The call comes in the wake of the release of The Aboriginal Children in Care Working Group: Report to Canada’s Premiers.

“To address this ongoing problem, we need an approach that recognizes the interconnections of things like the lack of employment, low income levels, and inadequate housing,” says Board Voice Vice Chair Leslie Welin. “All of these contribute to Aboriginal children being taken into care.”

According to the report, “Research demonstrates that addressing several key social determinants of health (the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and work) is fundamental and essential in promoting the health and well-being of Aboriginal children and families. Programs and services that strengthen broader social determinants assist in lessening family distress and support the building of healthy, empowered communities.”

Board Voice has been calling upon the BC government to develop a social policy framework for the province. A principled, well-developed social policy framework that builds common understanding, is pragmatic in delivery and is measured by outcomes can streamline delivery of critical services, improve the results for those who need it most and guide decision making into the future. Premier Christy Clark assisted the working group of provincial and territorial premiers in developing The Report on Aboriginal Children in Care, which demonstrates the need for such an approach.

“It is time to take an approach that makes these connections, focuses on prevention and engages Aboriginal people in the process,” says Board Voice Chair Michael Davis. “A social policy framework is such an approach.”

Information about a social policy framework for BC can be found here.

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Board Voice is a provincial network that brings the voice of volunteer board members of community social service agencies to the provincial level.  Board directors are members of communities throughout BC who work with government, business and others to ensure that all British Columbians have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and to benefit from a thriving province.



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