It’s Membership Sign Up Time!

free-handsIt’s that time of year again for Board Voice’s annual membership drive. A huge thanks goes out to our many members for believing in BoardVoice and we ask you now to either renew your membership or sign on as new members so that together we can keep moving forward on our important work. Download our membership renewal/ application form.

We also created a new category at our last AGM called ‘Friends of Board Voice’ specifically for the many supporters of our work who are not eligible to become members.  Download the ‘Friends’ contribution form and help us keep going and growing!

BC community social service agencies support hundreds of thousands of people each year to live better lives, while our sector’s 65,000 staff contribute significantly to the economy. This work is thoughtfully guided by hundreds of volunteer directors from across the province, who are concerned about the health of our communities and want to make a bigger impact as a sector.

At BoardVoice, we believe that every individual and every community should be able to contribute to their highest ability. We create value for our members and work toward this belief by:

  • Connecting boards to each other
  • Strengthening boards by providing opportunities for skill building, and
  • Advocating on behalf of the sector as a whole.

In the past year we have connected boards with skills development opportunities at our annual conference with sessions on collective impact, maximizing social innovation in BC,legal pitfalls for boards of social benefit organizations, the business of social Services, next steps for the social benefit sector in BC , and investing in community. And we ran training sessions on board governance in partnership with Vantage Point.

We continue to advocate for a BC Social Policy Framework, engaging many within our sector, in the business community, municipal governments, UBCM and other sectors in the conversation. We have spoken with MLAs, Ministers, senior bureaucrats and members of the Premier’s staff on this issue.

We provided a rapid response advocating against proposed changes to the BC Societies Act that would allow any interested party to take non-profits to court and force them to defend their activities as being in the interests of the community. BoardVoice was in the many newspapers, on CBC Radio and the Prince George evening news, raising public awareness of these issues and our sector’s profile in general.

Membership fees and contribution from our Friends help provide us with a small budget to support our organization of volunteers and your numbers give us the credibility to keep advocating on behalf of community services across this province.

Thank-you for your ongoing support. Let’s work together to make 2015 an unforgettable year for community social services in B.C.    Sincerely, Michael Davis, Chair, Board Voice Society of B.C.

Questions? If you have any questions about Board Voice Society feel free to contact Tanis Dagert, Executive Coordinator tdagert(at) or Tel: 250-668-5159 We’d love to hear from you!