February Report from the Chair

Hello all,ball-chair

The past month has seen some extraordinary strides on the Social Policy Framework: two municipalities have passed resolutions calling on the provincial government to begin a process to create a SPF.

We are working hard to keep this momentum going.


We have a total of 23 orgs signed onto the There is a Better Way call to action. If your board has not signed on yet, please ask them to consider it.

As mentioned above, both the City of Duncan and the City of Nelson passed resolutions regarding the Social Policy Framework. They will now take those resolutions to their respective regional government councils, and then hopefully on to the Union of BC municipalities (UBCM) conference next fall.

I informed BC’s attorney general of the Duncan vote.

I am presenting the SPF to the Federation of Community Social Services on Feb 21 in Victoria. This should generate some conversation and ideas on pressing forward. I hope to see some of you there.

We have had a discussion with the President and CEO of the Burnaby Board of Trade (thanks Frank Basset from FSGV Board). He is going to his social policy committee with the concept and hopes to get us on the agenda in April.

John Winters of the BC Chamber of Commerce is also aware of our initiative, however initiatives to the Chamber need to come up through local chambers of boards, so we will pursue it that way.

Doug, Bill McMichael and I met with Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang. He indicated that the City of Van would support a call for a Social Policy Framework, but he needs to check and see if they have ever done something like that before. I also met with Vancouver Councillor Elizabeth Ball, and she will forward links to cabinet ministers she is close to.

I emailed and spoke to the Mayor of Kitimat and she has some interest in the SPF. I will go back to her now that two municipalities have endorsed.

Cariboo Regional District and 100 Mile House district have been invited to discuss the SPF (Thanks to Lisa DePaoli at Cariboo Family).

I am presenting to the Burnaby Family Life board on the SPF on February 25 (thanks Carol M).

An ex minister of the United Church has connected me with leaders of some of the major faith groups in the lower mainland who deliver social services. These include the BC Muslim Association, Catholic Faith services and the interfaith organization Moving Together, as well as a number of others. I will be making initial contact with as many of these as possible to see if they are interesting in joining our call.

Board level Skills & Connectivity

The Kamloops boards have put together a Community Boards in Action proposal to bring their boards together regionally which has now been approved, (Yes Jackie Stokes!). You can read about the project here.

Planning continues for the day long board training, board connectivity and advocacy session. We are refining the budget. Kelowna Community Resources is also interested a training day. They are looking at pulling it together through Central Okanagan community boards in action.

The BoardVoice website is functioning well as a central repository of information and attracted 830 unique page views over the last month.

We have linked our entire members list to their individual websites. The working group is now working on an online membership form, although it will be sad to see the end of the fax in form!

I reported back to my home board, Family Services of Greater Vancouver, and got a great response. They are very excited with our activities and also very supportive. Please ask for time on your board’s agenda to share our activities with them and ask for feedback and ideas.

Thanks all for your encouragement and support.