New Community Boards in Action for Kamloops

strength_togetherBoardVoice has approved one more Community Boards in Action Grant, this one in Kamloops.

The Kamloops Non-Profit Community Social Plan will develop a non-profit sector social plan, enhancing the strength of the non-profit sector as a voice for the populations they serve by collaborating across boards.

The plan will be contextualized within the Kamloops City Social plan, and will leverage the unique position the non-profit sector has as a collective in the broader government social policy and delivery. The boards will identify gaps in the sector, then strategically advocate for service funding to fill them. They will develop capacity to collectively use skills and resources to reduce internal competition.

The project will generate a detailed project plan and and engagement plan. It will identify project task managers and obtain resources to develop a framework that will enhance communication between boards. The framework document will also help position the non-profit sector within the larger community social planning sphere.

The project builds on an initial, well-represented roundtable meeting of non-profit board members and executive directors that identified areas of interest for collaboration.