City of Duncan Calls for Social Policy Framework

250px-Duncan_City_Hall_-_British_ColumbiaOn January 20th, Duncan City Council voted to adopt a resolution calling on the provincial government to begin a consultation to design a Social Policy Framework for British Columbia. They will present this resolution to the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) for their consideration in April 2014, and eventually take it to the Union of BC Municipalities in the fall.

A Social Policy Framework, such as the one recently passed in Alberta, outlines the social goals that government and communities and social services agencies are striving for. It can guide decision making, set future direction, identify important connections, and support the alignment of policies and practices both inside and outside of government. A Social Policy Framework will help government address the increasingly complex issues facing BC communities more effectively and efficiently.

Duncan Mayor Phil Kent says, “It’s time for the province to have a coordinated approach to social policy to better focus and coordinate our resources to help individuals and communities thrive.”

Board Voice Society of B.C. has been advocating for a Social Policy Framework for BC since early 2013 and was invited to present the concept to Duncan City Council. After two meetings, Council supported presenting a specific resolution supporting this idea to AVICC.

Leslie WelinLeslie Welin, Vice President of Board Voice, says communities bear the brunt of social issues and many of the associated costs. “We are very pleased Duncan City Council has taken up the call for a Social Policy Framework and hope other municipalities will follow suit. We believe this is a critical conversation for BC to have. A Social Policy Framework will help us to better address the challenges we all face.”