Three new Community Boards in Action

Web-CollaborationBoardVoice approved three new Community Boards in Action projects yesterday:

Options Community Services Society in Surrey will hold nine collaboration and board training sessions for agencies in the Surrey area over the next two years. The Sessions will consist of:

  1. Dinner and networking time
  2. A two-hour board training session, using and external trainer, focused on priority training needs
  3. A discussion period to support inter-agency action and collaborative activities, particularly focused on community profile

North Island Community Services Society will hold a public forum to assist in identifying service gaps and social service needs. They will develop a committee of board members from the major social service providers of the North Island. They will identify training to increase transparent, accountable and participatory governance, and they will recognize the collaborative practice that they currently use and pinpoint areas they need to strengthen.

Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre will bring non-profit boards and leadership together in an ongoing, collaborative planning process to improve the lives of people in the South Cariboo. they will do this by seeking the endorsement of key non profit Boards, Service Clubs and the South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce.

Invitation letters to all non-profit Boards and Service Clubs will include information about Board Voice and the organizations will be asked to consider supporting the event in contributing funding and in-kind resources.

The event will be run by a Planning Committee with representatives of key stakeholders, with an experienced facilitator for the workshop.

The Planning Committee will develop an action plan from the outcomes of the meeting to create a better coordinated non profit and service club organizational structure in the South Cariboo to meet the needs of children, youth, families and elderly.