A Glimpse of the Future

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18379393Thoughts from new BoardVoice Chair Michael Davis on what’s next.

When Carol and some other board members asked me if I would consider taking on the role of Chair of BoardVoice, my response was I am Honoured… and horrified.

Honoured that they would trust me enough to try and fill this role, and horrified at the scope of the challenges:

My understanding of the sector after such a short time of being involved: The groups, the programs, the people that make it all happen. The financial challenges, both to the sector and to BoardVoice.

There were a number of things that convinced me to take it on. The very strong team around me: their skills and experience and history that I can draw on. Carol, Doug Lyn & Lynn, Judy & all the people on the board really do have a depth of experience that I will lean on.

On the financial note, a conversation with Craig gave me confidence that as we hone the value proposition we have for our members they will support BoardVoice:

  • Connecting boards to each other
  • Providing skills building opportunities to volunteer directors
  • And advocating on behalf of the sector as a whole

But what really convinced me are the possibilities we are beginning to glimpse.

In our discussion about a Social Policy Framework for BC, we are beginning to see beyond the process we would need to get there. We are beginning to articulate not just the challenges that the sector and the province and the people who need our services face. We are starting to glimpse what our province could be if we can move this conversation forward.

We are starting to tell a story about a place where people and communities are healthy;

Where all families have the income they need to cover the basics; where kids show up at school ready to learn, fed and clothed and safe;

Where they have supportive networks of people around them: friends and family and skilled support people, like you, for special needs;

Where all people have enough education to get meaningful employment, with safe and respectful working conditions;

Where all our citizens—First Nations and new Canadians and low income families—have places to socialize and safe places to live and play in;

Where there is knowledge and encouragement of healthy living practices;

And they have the life skills to cope with the challenges that come up in all of our lives;

They have the resources to provide healthy child development, where their culture and gender are respected;

Where they feel connected, to their neighbours and their community through art and cultural activities and volunteering;

And–when they need them–appropriate health services are there.

If we can start to tell that story, and provide a pathway to get there, I am in. If we can be part of creating that future, I am excited and ready to start.

And if you can take some of the ideas we have talked about here and make them your own, start telling those stories back in your home communities and at your boards, BoardVoice can begin to make truly transformational change in our communities and across our province.

Let’s see what we can build!

Thank you for taking the time to be here with us; To share ideas and your passions.

Thank you and safe journeys home.