Community Boards in Action


The community Boards in Action Project is funded by the Vancouver Foundation and is underway in six communities – Prince George, Victoria, Cowichan Valley, Sunshine Coast, Kelowna and Vancouver.

In each of these communities, a local group of board members is working to develop a proposal for a collaborative project. A lead agency in each community directly supports the project and administers the funding locally.

These projects can take a number of different forms. Some communities are using the seed grant from Board Voice to  ileverage other funding for their projects.

The projects need to fit into one or more of these four categories:

  • Interagency Collaborations
  • Improved Governance
  • Enhanced Community Networking
  • Enhanced Community Understanding of Social Services

You can see some of the Community Boards in Action in posts under the Category Community Boards in Action to the right. 

This is a two-year project, so Board Voice members in other communities interested in app;ying for a grant should begin considering a project for their communities, as we will be asking for proposals for next year in late spring.

Contact Christine Thomas for further