Board Voice is dedicated to improving social services to people in their communities. We do this by speaking to government and to our communities about the importance of social services to the health and well being of our citizens, bringing to their attention key concerns and issues, and telling the good news about the work of community based social service agencies.

We promote excellence in governance by connecting board members from across the province and providing resources that assist in developing their boards. We help build bridges between agencies at the community level to ensure community-wide understanding of how best services should be organized and delivered.


SAVE THE DATE! The 7th AnnualĀ Board Voice Society of BC will be held November 25 and 26. Join us for what promises to be a transformative event!

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Think Piece


Here is a list for you to reflect upon:bettertogether

  • A collective and unified voice for local governors
  • Strength in numbers
  • Frustrations of too few resources and too little authority
  • Increasing obligations

Sound familiar? Not only are these the challenges board directors of community benefit organizations face in British Columbia, but they are also the reasons local governments came together to form the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).

This is the time of year when … Read the rest